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Snared Baboon - Trapped, Healed and Released. November 09

Watching this four year old male baboon with his troop of forty plus companions had been heart breaking. The snare tightly wrapped around his neck limited his movement and he held onto a half a metre piece of wire with one hand while walking on three limbs.
How was I going to trap him? One baboon in a group of forty.
At first, Rolf Lamprecht, a vet based in Knysna, came out to see if he could dart him but due to the troop being particularly persecuted, it was impossible to get close enough. I had to make another plan.
It took four days of intense baboon psychology to trap him. John had performed a miracle by building a strong trap when we could not locate one elsewhere. And it certainly seemed as if the chances of us saving him were too slim to hope.
But it worked. Once trapped, Rolf came out to dart and treat him. He was then released. His wounds are healing beautifully.