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This site was created with one objective: to provide a platform for those seeking primate related information. Although it is a blog site, and comments are read and sometimes added, it is not our intention to have an interactive blog. Residents wanting to liase on how to co-exist with monkeys or baboons, please contact us via email. Given the stats data we receive, many people from all over the world visit our site daily, particularly the slide show on how to co-exist with wild primates. We welcome you all and thank you for popping by.


Volunteer at FreeMe, KZN

FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation KZN is a centre which was established in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, just outside Howick, to handle the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of all injured, orphaned or sick wildlife from an area which covers a large area with diverse climate and vegetation zones from sub-tropical forest and thorn Veld near the coast to the cool temperate misty grassland belts, ending with the harsh climate of the Drakensburg Mountain region, which is subject to snow, big storms and run away fires.
It is an area of huge biodiversity and the Clinic has to be prepared to handle a large number of animal and bird species, including antelope, small and medium predators, raptors, large wading birds and migrants, reptiles, bats, a whole range of smaller bird and mammal species and two varieties of primates.
They run a 24/7 emergency call out and at times these can involve journeys of up to two hundred kilometres at a time.
Your duties as a Rehabilitation Volunteer will include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Daily Feeding
  • Cleaning of enclosures
  • Assisting with basic first aid and assistance with minor surgeries
  • Accompanying Centre staff in the collection of injured animals.
  • Accompanying Centre staff in the release of rehabilitated animals into nearby Game Reserves.
Day 1: Arrival and transfer to FreeMe
 Met on arrival at Durban International Airport and transfer to FreeMe, Howick
FreeMe Animal Rehabilitation Programme
For the next two weeks, the programme will run with week days being spent at FreeMe KZN as well as field trips involving students in community projects and research.
General day to day activities including, but not limited to:
  • Feeding, care, data collecting and recording.
  • Cleaning of enclosures/enclosure enrichment.
  • Assisting with basic first aid.
  • Accompanying Centre staff with the collection of injured animals.
The other weekdays will be spent visiting and/or partaking in a number of interesting wildlife projects in the area, Some of which may include:
  • Raptor Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Anti -Poaching day on Foot (Physical fitness NB).
  • Day out with the State Vet into Rural areas.
  • Funda Nenja – Township domestic dog training (Community project).
  • KZN Crane Foundation (Become a Wattled Crane Chick mother, adopt a chick)
  • Bird Ringing and Handling
  • Reptile Specialist visit, snake awareness and handling.
  • Raptor rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation
  • Mammal rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation
  • Tortoise rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation
  • Research in the field with Samango monkeys, collecting and recording data